Sunday, July 01, 2007

{ Miss my music? }

I have been missing my music, so I am gonna do it a different way. I am gonna share some of my favorite songs and artists with you in my posts. I will try and do something new everyday, but bare with me ;0)

I wish there was a way to share my music files with you. But if you like what you hear and want to hear more let me know and I can direct you to where I get my music from.

This first artist is a new one to me...Amos Lee. This video is about my favorite song of his called Freedom.



Anonymous said...

I miss your music too! I really hope you sent that women a nasty email! This whole thing has really been burning me up inside. Who does she think she is? It's to bad that the playlist can't be on your blog but not be seen.

Jen said...

yep - i know what you mean girl, I'm dying to share some of my hawaiian songs too!!! it's so frustrating!!! at least we're in this boat together.

hugs to you,