Tuesday, July 03, 2007

{ Some changes and new features! }

I have decided to make some changes around my blog. I was in a kookie mood lastnight and added some new widgets...did ya notice?? Why not try your hand at a game of Pong? ;0)

I have also deleted my blog list. I have so many new blogs in my Google Reader and keep forgeting to update my blog. So I have decided to just feature one of my many blogs I visit daily. So why not start today. Every Tuesday I will feature a different blog and for all kinds of reasons. For my first one? There will be no particular order to these. This first one is just because of post that made me laugh the other day. Todays feature blog is Jason Sampson. Why? Because of this creation the other day!! Too funny! Thanks for making me smile and laugh out loud Jason!!

I am hoping to show you something new soon. I am working on some swaps right now and always feel wrong showing them before they are due...but who knows maybe ;0)


Anonymous said...

HUH???? Have you gone mad??? I am so used to clicking on your links every (not kidding) time I visit here. I guess that's what I get for not saving them in my bookmarks. I think I have a lot of them on My link list already. I hope anyway.
I saw that post of his to and it was way too cute!

Anonymous said...

By the way....I SUCK at pong! But it was fun to play anyway! LOL!

Corie said...

Cute and too funny. Jason's card is great -- made me smile.

Corie said...

Thanks for the comment on my site. I knew those in Canada had a day close to the 4th, just wasn't sure when. Is it an Independence day, like ours?

Kristine said...

Hi Tracy!! I must be out of the loop...I have no idea what "pong" is, Lol!! I'll have to try it. THANKS SO MUCH for the link to Jason's blog...it's hilarious!! He's got a really great sense of humor. I had seen it before, but haven't visited for a while, so Thanks!! Great idea about spotlighting a blog every week. The lists just get REALLY long!! :)

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing this Tracy - such a bright idea. Love the huge alterations!!!

I think you already know, but if not - I have tagged you...ck out my site (which I know you did)...and see for yourself:



lacyquilter said...

OMW, I checked on Jason's blog and looked at the chicken cards -- way too funny! Thanks for the link.

Shannon said...

I love reading Jason's blog. He is very funny and I love the chicken cards.